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Township Board

The board consists of three elected officers--Supervisor, Clerk, and Treasurer-- and four trustees.  The Board is responsible for the fiscal management of township and sets township policy.  Mandated responsibilities are assessment administration, elections administration and tax collection, which are legally assigned functions of the Supervisor, Clerk and Treasurer, respectively. Township officials live in the community they serve and strive to stay in touch with ever changing needs.

     Mike Cunningham, Supervisor 
     Marcella Husted
, Clerk
     Jennifer Eden, Treasurer
     Soren Pedersen, Trustee
     Allen Pool, Trustee
     Charles Schultz
, Trustee
     David Walker, Trustee





Notice of Public Hearing on the Assessment Roll for the
Police and Fire Protection Special Assessment District No. X0082

To the residents and property owners of the Township of Tyrone, Livingston County, Michigan and any other interested persons:

Please take notice
that the Supervisor and assessing officer of the Township have reported to the Township Board and filed in the office of the Township Clerk for public examination a special assessment roll prepared by him covering all the properties within the Special Assessment District benefited by the proposed assessment.  The assessment roll has been prepared for the purpose of assessing the costs of providing police and fire protection within the assessment district as more particularly shown on the plans on file with the Township Clerk at 10408 Center Road, Fenton, MI, which assessment is in the total amount of $605,550.00.

Please take further notice that
that the assessing officer has further reported that the assessment against each parcel of land within the district is to such relative portion of the whole sum levied against all parcels of land within the district as to the benefit of such parcels bears to the total benefit to all parcels within the district.  Each parcel shall be assessed as follows: a) vacant parcels, $75.00; b) parcels with residential structures, $150.00; c) parcels containing structures or trailers with multiple units, $250.00, plus an additional $20.00 per unit; and (d) all other parcels, $250.00.

Please take further notice that
the Township Board will meet at the Township Hall, 10408 Center Road, Fenton, MI commencing at 7:00 P.M. on August 21 2018, for the purpose of reviewing the special assessment roll and hearing any objections thereto.  The roll may be examined at the office of the Township Clerk during regular business hours of regular business days until the time of the hearing and may further be examined at the hearing.  Appearance and protest at the hearing held to confirm the special assessment roll is required in order to appeal the amount of the special assessment to the Michigan Tax Tribunal.

An owner or party in interest, or his or her agent, may appear in person at the hearing to protest the special assessment, or shall be permitted to file his or her appearance or protest by letter and his or her personal appearance shall not be required.
  The owner or person having an interest in the real property who protests in person or in writing at the hearing may file a written appeal of special roll with the Michigan Tax Tribunal within 30 days after the confirmation of the special assessment roll.

Marcella Husted, CLERK
Township of Tyrone