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Tyrone Township is seeking bids for a three year snow removal contract for Parkin Lane Subdivision, located off Hartland Rd. in Fenton, MI.  Please mail bids to Marcella Husted, Tyrone Township Clerk, 10408 Center Rd., Fenton, MI 48430, by email to clerk@tyronetownship.us, or fax 810-629-0047 by 10:00 a.m. on October 10, 2018.

Bid Specifications:

Snow Plowing:

  • Plow the entire surface of the Parkin Lane, including surface area of the cul-de-sacs, when snow accumulation is at or exceeds 2”.
  • Nighttime accumulation must be cleared by 6 a.m.
  • Maximum of two plowings per day (unless otherwise requested by a designated township representative).

Road Salting:

  • Parkin Lane will be salted as required and reasonable.  Roads will be salted after each plowing unless daytime temperatures is expected to exceed 32 degrees or as requested by a designated Parkin Lane representative.


  • Proof of vehicle and liability insurance is required and Tyrone Township and Parkin Lane are to be named as additional insureds.  Minimum insurance amounts $300,000 liability, $100,000 bodily injury, $100,000 property damage, full statutory limits for workmen's compensation.
  • Damage from service activities to mailboxes, lawns, sprinkler systems or any other property must be corrected at no cost to Tyrone Township or Parkin Lane in a reasonable timeframe.
  • Bills will be submitted to Tyrone Township for payment monthly for the previous month’s activities.
  • Please quote services on a per push basis and a per salting application.
  • Tyrone Township will only accept bids from service providers that have demonstrated capability, experience and equipment to provide these services.  You may include references. 
  • Tyrone reserves the right to reject any or all bids and to cancel the contract should it be deemed to be in the best interest of Parkin Lane and the Township.