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The burn ban has been lifted.  Open burning is allowed.  All burning requires a burn permit and regulations must be followed.

Per the Governor's orders to minimize the spread of COVID-19, the
township office is closed until June 18The township departments continue to monitor their email and phone messages. We encourage residents to use the drop box, leave phone messages, use email, and our website to download forms.  The drop box is located by the front entrance and is secure; it may be used to drop off payments, absentee apps and ballots, request burn permits, land use permits, etc.

Township Board and Planning Commission meetings will be held electronically via Zoom.  The public is invited to attend these meetings and details will be posted.

Let's take this time off to practice gratitude, kindness and help keep everyone safe and healthy.

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during COVID19

We are receiving lots of emails asking how to obtain burn permits.  Yes, there is a way to get them while we are sheltering-in-place!
 Please go here.

Casey Zaski, Accountant
(810) 629-8631 ext. 202

Bruce Little, Assessor
(810) 629-8631 ext. 205
Tuesdays 1 pm-5 pm
Wednesdays 9 am-1 pm

Alexa Huspek, Assistant Assessor
(810) 629-8631 ext. 213

Marcella Husted, Clerk
(810) 629-8631 ext. 203

Terri Medor
, Deputy Clerk, Cemetery Sexton

(810) 629-8631 ext. 201

Fire Billing
Marian Krause
Receptionist/Fire Billing
(810) 629-8631 ext. 200

Planning & Zoning Administration

Ross Nicholson, Planning/Zoning Administrator
(810) 629-8631 ext. 214

Karie Carter
Assistant Planning/Zoning Administrator

(810) 629-8631 ext.207

Jennifer Eden, Treasurer
(810) 629-8631 ext. 204

Joanne Milarch
, Deputy Treasurer
(810) 629-8631 ext. 206

Tammy Dorsch
, Cashier
(810) 629-8631 ext. 216

Mike Cunningham, Supervisor

(810) 629-8631 ext. 208

Herman Ferguson, Trustee
(810) 730-3627

Chuck Schultz
, Trustee
(810) 625-3848

Kurt Schulze
, Trustee
(810) 629-9014

David Walker
, Trustee
(313) 418-8325

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